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Gesteinslabor at AAPG's ERC in Vienna


Paratethys Petroleum Systems

The European Regional Conference (ERC) of the American Association of Petroleum Geologiststs (AAPG) is taking place from March 26 to 27 in Vienna. The meeting will focus on various aspects of Paratethys petroleum systems between central Europe and the Caspian region.

Gesteinslabor is going to present its newest results on poroelasticity and brine permeability changes due to cyclic loading/unloading of a porous gas storage situated within a former natural gas reservoir within the Bavarian Molasse basin.

Further information  about AAPG's 2019 ERC - including the cómplete program - is available at the homepage of the meeting.

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Gesteinslabor publishes its first webinar

Gesteinslabor is contributing to the educational program of AAPG and has just published a webinar about geothermal energy.

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Gesteinslabor at AAPG's ERC in Vienna

Also in 2019 Gesteinslabor is contributing to the wide variety of AAPG's conferences.

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DGMK Spring Meeting 2019

Also in 2019 Gesteinslabor will be present at the DGMK Spring Meeting in Celle (25-26/04).

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AAPG interview

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