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AAPG ACE 2018 in Salt Lake City (19.-23.05.2018)


Gesteinslabor will take part in one of the most important congresses in geology worldwide

The Annual Convention and Exhibition (ACE) of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) is one of the major geoscience congresses in the world. Gesteinslabor is going to show groundbreaking poroelasticity data for porous gas storages at the event.

On May 23 Gesteinslabor will give a talk entitled "Complex Petrophysical Studies to Evaluate the Safety of an Underground Gas Storage in Porous Rocks". The presentation will focus on the poroelastic behaviour of reservoir rocks under cyclic loading and unloading as is typically the case for gas storages in porous rocks. The presented results have an impact not only on regular gas storages but also on those intended for the growing market of "power to gas" storage sites.

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AAPG interview

Invited by AAPG's director of innovation & emerging science and technology Susan Nash, Carlo Dietl from Gesteinslabor shares his ideas about geothermal energy and its future in this Learn! Blog interview.

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AAPG ACE 2018 in Salt Lake City (19.-23.05.2018)

Gesteinslabor will present brandnew results from the frontline of research at one of the key events for petroleum geologists.

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