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Gesteinslabor holds now two Stanford certificates in geomechanics

Gesteinslabor has acquired high expertise in reservoir geomechanics, in particular of unconventional reservoirs. This has now also been certified by successful participation in the Stanford online course "Unconventional Reservoir Geomechanics" offered by Prof. Mark Zoback.

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GEO:N project SUBI holds status seminar at Gesteinslabor

The interdisciplinary academic-industry joint research project is concerned with the integrity and safety of underground gas storages. The participants met in May in Heiligenstadt to discuss the progress and future of the project.

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EAGE/DGMK H2 storage workshop: a resumee

EAGE and DGMK arranged for the very first time together a workshop about the underground storage of hydrogen and the lyceum was crowded.

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Gesteinslabor publishes its first webinar

Gesteinslabor is contributing to the educational program of AAPG and has just published a webinar about geothermal energy.

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